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Bring the Playground Home

The New Colors

Who would have thought that a child’s play area could blend into the overall picture of a living space? These natural pastels wonderfully round off your stylish home. The subtle colors integrate seamlessly into your home, making it a children’s toy that doesn’t need to be put away.

Your Child’s Buttler

Adventure Home is the ideal starter or expansion set for the aspiring world explorer. It’ll quickly become a part of the family. It’s the perfect construction kit for early childhood, developed with toddlers in mind. Being small and compact, Adventure Home is quick to set up wherever you want to keep an eye on them.

Creative & inspiring - the optimum for your children from QUADRO!

Thanks to a sophisticated parts structure and a wealth of detailed model designs, your children will experience a world full of creative development possibilities with the Evolution from QUADRO, where the joy of discovery and play is constantly revived.

The Evolution cleverly links different product lines, allowing the construction of models that are clearly different in nature. From the baby castle with ramp, the garden pavilion, platform for toddlers with baby slide, dream castle with small ramp for the first climbing attempts to the large craft table for children with a large playing surface, a suitable movement environment is provided for every motoric play possibility.

(Note: In the model database, the Evolution is shown in the Classic colors, but you can of course also build all models in the Home colors, the difference is only in the colors).

This is made possible by a carefully selected combination of individual parts that give your children and you maximum freedom in choosing models or designing your own creations. In the model library, the Evolution is represented by an impressive number of 36 CORE models, and this number is constantly increasing as innovative designs are added all the time.

The Evolution benefits exclusively from this model library, a free service that constantly provides new model suggestions and game ideas, without any additional investment. However, if you want to implement your own ideas, the article "" gives you an insight into the versatile possibilities of Evolution from QUADRO.

The Evolution, like all items from QUADRO, is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. The components are easy to clean and do not retain odors or liquids, so you can continue to use your Evolution model indoors after outdoor use without any problems.

Thanks to the robust components, this is no problem at all. Unlike wood, QUADRO does not require any special surface treatment. With simple household cleaner and plenty of water, you can easily clean the QUADRO components at any time, so that you can continue playing on the white carpet in winter without any problems.

The Evolution becomes interesting from the age of 6 months, when your toddler begins to explore his surroundings and practice walking upright. With the possibility of building large and small ball baths as well as climbing opportunities and much more with the EVOLUTION , these first motor adventures are provided with sufficient opportunities.

The Evolution also includes a complete QUADRO mobile set (Art. 10390), which enables the creation of a wide variety of vehicles. The Evolution can be used to build slides and ramps in various sizes for different age groups. And if your kids don't want to climb or slide right now, but want to pursue their creative streak in drawing and painting, the Evolution allows you to build a mobile table with chair and holders for pencils and paper.

If you want to gather several children at one table, the Evolution can also be used to create larger play and craft tables, according to your wishes or the needs of your children. Or maybe you have a children's birthday party coming up and you still need an indestructible play island that can also be used wonderfully for the food breaks.

The Evolution with its range of components is one of the most extensive sets from QUADRO. Here you can see, for example, a large climbing tower with slide or ramp for use in the living room or garden.

For more on learning towers from QUADRO and why they can be so important to your children's development, check out our blog: "".

Thanks to the largest selection of tube lengths in the QUADRO range, the EVOLUTION provides the perfect basis for creating learning towers with different step heights.

"With the construction kit EVOLUTION , we have taken a completely new approach. While observing my 6-month-old daughter, I noticed that even at this early age, a toy like QUADRO is ideal for training initial movement sequences in a targeted manner and in a safe environment. Every day I am completely amazed at how quickly the development of such young children progresses. The EVOLUTION keeps up with this speed because it supports each developmental stage with a matching play idea."

- Falk Rüther, CEO QUADRO

  • 1x Evolution Home
  • Construction manual
  • Safety guide and building tips
Learning is an essential component of a child’s development. Read about how to make learning especially successful and what you should avoid in our article “Learning Has to Become Awesome” – Of Finger Games and Laptops”.

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