The Original
Giant Construction Kit

At QUADRO, we're a family-driven business passionate about crafting play equipment that's more than just fun. Our heart lies in fostering children's joy, safety, and development.

Every innovative, safe, and versatile product we create is designed with a child's physical and mental growth in mind, reflecting our deep commitment to strengthening family bonds and enriching childhoods since 1979.

Discover Your Ideal Kit

Explore our range to find the perfect match for your child's imagination and creativity.

The Growing Journey of Play

Celebrated for its safety and durability, QUADRO is designed to adapt to your child's developmental stages, ensuring lasting fun and learning.

Active Play for Holistic Health

A balanced life for kids involves more than just love and nutrition; it requires physical activity for developing motor skills.

QUADRO inspires movement in children, whether it's outdoor adventures with a climbing castle and slide, or indoor fun with a play tower and ball pit. Designed for safety and versatility, QUADRO fits seamlessly into any setting, encouraging a healthy, active lifestyle.

Timeless Fun for Every Age

QUADRO stands out with its exceptional quality and endless play possibilities, captivating children from their first crawling adventures at 6 months to school age and beyond.

It's not just a toy; it's an investment in sustainable fun and learning. Even beyond 8 years, QUADRO transforms into practical furniture like chairs and storage units, workshop shelves, or even a beach wagon. This versatility makes QUADRO a wise choice for both the environment and your budget.

Ensuring Child Safety

At QUADRO, safety is paramount. Our design philosophy prioritizes your child's well-being, with every component meticulously crafted from high-quality materials.

Smooth, rounded edges and 5 cm diameter tubes offer a safe, warm touch. In the rare event of a fall, our plates are engineered to flex without splintering or breaking, safeguarding your child during play.

Simple 3-Step Assembly

QUADRO sets itself apart with its innovative PLUG-IN SYSTEM, making assembly swift and straightforward. This user-friendly system enables you to construct large-scale jungle gyms quickly and safely, emphasizing ease and convenience in every design.

Engineered for Endurance

QUADRO's durability is unmatched, with components designed to support over 220 lbs, perfect for long-lasting, stable play.

Our German-engineered playsets, proven by decades of use, are built to endure and inspire joy for generations.

Evolving Play for Every Age

With QUADRO, endless possibilities await. Whether it's a ball pit, paddling pool, double slide, climbing pyramid, soapbox, or sandbox, our versatile add-ons make building a breeze.

Tailor QUADRO's growth to match your child's evolving skills and desires, crafting unique play experiences that evolve just as they do.

Seamlessly Versatile
Indoors & Out

QUADRO is unique among play equipment, effortlessly transitioning from outdoor fun to indoor play without any hassle. Its non-porous material resists odors and moisture, eliminating the need for special treatments like painting or impregnation.

Cleaning is a breeze with just household cleaners and water, ensuring QUADRO remains fresh and vibrant. Plus, its high-density construction means no color transfer, so it's safe to place even on your pristine white carpet.

Sun, rain, wind, or snow,
Your QUADRO's ready, set, go!
In the sea or in the pool,
With QUADRO, sand and dirt are cool!

QUADRO effortlessly stands up to pool play, unfazed by chlorine or salt water. Its resilient materials resist damage from water exposure, food spills, and even children's paint, ensuring lasting quality and hassle-free maintenance.

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