Ballast Weight for Pool Platforms

Quadro’s thermoplastic parts are less dense than water causing it to float. Even when the tubes are full of water, the platforms will only be semi-submerged. On this page we explain how to use different types of weights to keep your platform at the bottom of the pool.

Quadro does not supply weights. It is up to the customer to find a solution. Here are a few suggestions that might work for you.


1) Fitness or scuba weights

This is the easiest and most inexpensive solution.

  • Use plastic, vinyl or rubber coated weights
  • Place weights on the floor-level panels of the pool structure

2) Plastic drums

Similar to the first option, but slightly more professional looking.

  • Use a sealable plastic drum with a max height of 13 in (33 cm)
  • Fill it with sand, gravel or another heavy material
  • Place drums on the floor-level panels of the pool structure

3) PVC tubes

This is the most professional solution. It keeps the weights out of sight, but will take more time to prepare.

  • Fill PVC tubes with a high-density material
  • Insert tubes into the Quadro tubes at the base of the platform

Contact us for detailed instructions.

Removing Platform from Pool

  • Remove the weights
  • Move the platform to the side of the pool
  • Push the platform out of the water
  • Do not pull it out of the water by the handrail or substructure
  • Do not drag the platform on the ground

Weight Chart

This chart provides estimated weights for each pool platform. The actual weight will vary slightly depending on a few factors:

  • type of water
  • shape of platform
  • percentage of the platform that is under water
  • number of aluminum reinforcement tubes used
SKU Model Type LB
600100 Minnow Open 50
600101 Shrimp Open 25
600103 Dolphin Open 75
600104 Clam Open 20
600105 Starfish Open 60
600107 Nautilus Open 25
600112 Mussel Open 40
600114 Oyster Open 35
600115 Trident Open 40
600116 Clam + R Open 20
600118/9 Mussel + R Open 40
610100 Minnow Closed 60
610101 Shrimp Closed 30
610104 Clam Closed 25
610107 Nautilus Closed 50
610108 Nemo Closed 70
610112 Mussel Closed 50
610113 Manatee Closed 105
610114 Oyster Closed 45
610116 Clam + R Closed 25
610118/9 Mussel + R Closed 50
610501 Penguin Closed 45
610502 Pelican Closed 90
610503 Crane Closed 60
610504 Egret Closed 120
610505 Puffin Closed 80
610506 Albatross Closed 160
610507 Mallard Closed 100
610508 Canvasback Closed 200
610509 Seagull Closed 125
610510 Flamingo Closed 250

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