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With 12 designs for building different constructions, including a playhouse, a climbing mountain and a small climbing frame. A special feature are the two double tube connectors for building a baby slide and the possibility to combine with the QUADRO GENIUS. Compatible with all QUADRO products.


  • 1x Quadro Classic Youngster
  • 189 parts
  • Assembly instructions
  • Construction tips and safety instructions

With baby slide for our little ones

The new building set Youngster contains a total of 190 parts and 12 model examples! With the Youngster, specially developed for children from 6 months, you can build various models, from a fishing trawler to a bar, watchtower or play cube. Special feature are the double tube connectors with which the baby slide can be built.

Wide range of possible combinations

The Youngster is ideal to be connected with the Modular or Arch Slide, and in combination with the new Genius even creates a real play center like in the play park!

Promotes motor development and creativity

The Youngster offers the perfect mix of climbing frame and creative toy for children as young as 6 months. In addition to the existing 12 designs, you can develop an unlimited number of your own designs together with your child. You can use the free QUADRO 3D software or miniQUADRO (optionally available) on a scale of 1 : 5.

The parts structure of the Youngster has been revised and now offers children from 6-12 months, but also 3 years upwards, plenty of fun for the most beautiful climbing adventures and exciting childhood memories. In combination with the model database, the Youngster becomes the ultimate construction toy for adventurers young and old!

The ultimate fun for the whole family

Building and developing your own models together guarantees fun for the whole family, indoors and outdoors, in summer or winter. Just the way you like it.

Continue to use indoors in winter!

Thanks to the highly compressed QUADRO components, it is not possible for fragrances to be absorbed. You can therefore continue to use the Youngster construction kit indoors after outdoor use, without any annoying environmental odors.

A little dishwashing detergent and water is enough and it is fully ready for use again! Since the individual parts of QUADRO cannot absorb water and also do not stain, there is of course nothing to stop it from being used on the carpet - a great advantage over many climbing frames made of wood.


  • Made in Germany
  • Ideal training for sports and fine motor skills already from 6 months
  • Compatible with all QUADRO products back to 1979
  • Environmentally friendly (recycling class 2 and 5)
  • Perfect for the whole family, because from the idea to the planning and implementation everyone is motivated, from small to large
  • High quality weatherproof plastics free from plasticizers, PAHs, etc.
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors all year round, UV stabilized
  • Free QUADRO 3D Software
  • Not a seasonal item, but a high quality purchase that will grow with your children for many years - this is not only cost-saving, but also environmentally friendly.
  • 1x Youngster (30400)
  • Construction manual
  • Safety guide and building tips
QUADRO is entirely “Made in Germany”. Find out what that means in detail.

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